Friday, 23 January 2015

A Riad in Assilah

We were lucky enough for our first Christmas in Morocco to be a true family affair, but it did mean that we needed some additional space to fit everyone in.
With this in mind I perused the pages of Airbnb 
(it seems to be the thing to do at the moment!)
and found this riad in the medina, literally just around the corner -  perfect!

The house is typically designed around a central courtyard with bedrooms and niches like this arranged around it - it was a bit chilly in December but in the summer I think this would be the perfect place to escape the sun with a book,
 or end the day lounging with a cocktail?

The living areas are open plan and full of light.

And are a great mix of traditional and contemporary design - an eclectic approach which I love.

Plenty of communal space for the whole family to gather, 

as well as private places to escape to.

The main bedroom has this great ensuite bath - the first arrivals managed to get the best bedroom of course . . .  such is life!

The terraces wind up on a few levels.
A real summer time bonus is this plunge pool on the lower terrace.
 I think I could spend a lot of time here!

And then of course at the end of the day, 
the view over the medina
palm trees, white walls and blue sky.

This property is available to rent HERE on Airbnb


Monday, 12 January 2015

monday moodboard {marsala}

Discovering tones of marsala on the moodboard this morning and starting to warm to Pantone's 2015 colour of the year . . . 
All these images are on my new Pinterest board - marsala

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have a good week

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Looking for a Beni Ourain?

Wether on Pinterest, Instagram, or the latest edition of your favourite interiors glossy, you cannot miss the trend for these beautiful handwoven rugs made in Morocco.
 One of the reasons (I think . . .) for the appeal of these carpets is that despite often having strong patterns marching across the pile, the natural colours raise them above trends and allow them to fit seamlessly into a range of interior  - especially the modern Danish look that is still right on trend.
You just have to have a quick look at the Pinterest board I share with my friend Urban Boer to get the general idea.


So with all this in mind, when I walked past the shop I often work with in the medina and saw this glorious display of  carpets in the winter sunshine I had to do the Instagram thing - but then decided to take it a step further
 just in case one of you wants one of these, 
right now, 
    in your home . . .
All you have to do is let me know, and we will get it to you
by hook or by crook as they say!

"shouf - shouf"
{have a look}
and see if you find the perfect beni for that space on your floor.

#1: dimensions 194cm x 113 cm
      price ex postage - $815 /  Euro:687

#2: dimensions 262cm x 153cm
      price ex post - $938 /  Euro:791

#3: dimensions 245cm x 112cm
     price ex post - $818 /  Euro:690

all prices excl postage

please feel free to contact me with any questions and queries about these carpets or any other carpet you might be looking for.


 if you want to find out a little more about these carpets have a look here where Gebhart Blazek, specialised dealer and curator in Moroccan textiles shares some of his extensive knowledge.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

seasons greetings!

best wishes for this festive season
see you back on the blog in 2015

Monday, 1 December 2014

monday moodboard- in black and white

Using the beautiful graphic black and white designs of eWWel ceramics as a starting point, this mondays moodboard is a simple one in black and white.

One of the hardest parts of doing the moodboards is leaving stuff out
like this . . . 

or this . . . 

for more black & white inspiration have a look here
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have a good week

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Reading in the Medina

#readinginthemedina on Instagram

If I don't have a book next to my bed or on my kindle I start stressing - so often message a few well read friends for suggestions. We thought an easy way to share titles would be to post a cover on instagram using a common hashtag : #readinginthemedina
So - if you have read a book recently that you think is worth sharing, it would be great if you could post it on instagram using that hashtag - creating a mini instagram library for us all to share!

looking forward to some literary inspiration!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Designed by eWWel.

I first discovered the ceramics of eWWel on display in the FACTORY in the medina of Assilah. In fact I treated myself  - a little birthday gift from me to me - with some of their lovely black and white ceramic cups. Not long after that I met Sarah , one half of the team, and found out a little more about their venture into contemporary Moroccan design and ceramics.

Q: Tell us a little about yourselves and eWWel.

We are Julie and Sarah, both from France and have been in Tanger for almost 3 years. Even though we are from neighbouring regions in France, we met in Morocco. We are both passionate about design and deco, and in January this year, decided to combine our ideas to create our own brand eWWel (which means DREAM in Berber). We work together every day on all aspects of the business from the creation and design side to the media and communication and updating of our website.

Nous sommes Julie et Sarah, deux françaises installées à Tanger depuis bientôt 3 ans. Même si nous sommes originaires de régions voisines, c’est au Maroc que nous nous sommes rencontrées. Passionnées de déco, nous avons décidé d’associer nos idées pour créer notre propre marque, Ewwel (rêver en langue berbère), en Janvier 2014. Nous travaillons chaque jour ensemble aussi bien sur la partie création que sur la partie communication avec des séances de prises de vue et la mise à jour de notre site internet.

Q: What made you decide to create contemporary ceramics in Morocco?

We love Moroccan craftsmanship, its diversity, its wealth, and its history. We also like the more contemporary decor. Having a foothold in Fez, our choice fell on ceramics, working the earth while being highly symbolic and with infinite possibilities. So we decided to combine the Moroccan expertise with western design in creating our first collection of ceramic tableware made entirely by hand by one of the best potters in the city. We wanted to create a a collection in our own image, a reflection of our different cultures whether by origin or adoption.

Nous adorons l’artisanat marocain, sa diversité, sa richesse et son histoire. Nous aimons également la déco plus contemporaine. Ayant un pied à terre à Fès, notre choix s’est porté sur la céramique, le travail de la terre, hautement symbolique et avec d’infinies possibilités. Nous avons donc décidé d’associer le savoir-faire marocain au design occidental en créant notre première collection de vaisselle en céramique, entièrement réalisée à la main par un des meilleurs artisans potiers de la ville. Nous avons voulu créer une collection à notre image, reflet de nos différentes cultures, qu’elles soient d’origines ou d’adoption.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind eWWel designs.

Being a veritable melting pot, Tanger inspires us. It is Africa, but with Europe is still visible in the distance . . . here everything is possible. It is an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity. We draw our inspiration from oriental graphics, but equally from Scandinavian and retro designs to create what we hope is an authentic and modern collection.

Véritable melting-pot, Tanger nous inspire. L’Afrique, mais l’Europe visible au loin… Ici, tout est possible. Une atmosphère particulière propice à la création. Nous puisons notre inspiration dans le graphisme oriental, mais également dans le design scandinave et le rétro pour créer des collections modernes et authentiques.

Q: What is the best part of creating your products for you?

We both like the creation and design part. But what we love most of all is the final realisation of our products - that moment when the product we had imagined and designed finally comes out of the kiln.

La partie création et conception nous plait énormément. Mais ce que nous aimons par dessus tout, c’est la réalisation finale de nos produits. Lorsque que le produit que nous avions imaginé et dessiné est enfin sorti du four.

Q: If people want to buy your work where can they find it?

Our products are available in many shops in Morocco: Las Chicas in Tanger, Factory in Asilah, End Awa in Marrakech as well as Casablanca Vintage Market. We can also be contacted directly via FaceBook or our website

Nos créations sont en vente dans plusieurs boutiques au Maroc : Las Chicas à Tanger, Factory à Asilah, Fin Awa à Marrakech et à l’Atelier Vintage à Casablanca.
Vous pouvez également nous contacter directement via notre page Facebook ou notre site internet

Q What are the plans and dreams for eWWel for 2015?

We are currently working on the next collection by broadening the range with new products (teapots, plates and trays). We would also like to create other types of decorative items using different materials such as wood and cotton. Our dream . . . ? Having our own workshop-boutique right here in Tanger!

Nous travaillons actuellement sur la prochaine collection en élargissant la gamme avec de nouveaux produits (théières, assiettes et plateaux). Dans nos projets les plus ambitieux, nous aimerions créer d’autres types d’articles de décoration en utilisant différents matériaux comme le bois ou le coton.
Notre rêve ? Avoir notre propre atelier-boutique, ici à Tanger! 

Q and of course . . . where is your favourite place for tea or coffee in Tanger?

We like to be creative around a mint tea in the cafe of the Cinematheque de Tanger -a place that we love with its authentic retro feel!

Nous aimons animer nos séances de travail autour d’un thé à la menthe au café de la cinémathèque de Tanger. Un lieu authentique, rétro et culturel. Tout ce qu’on aime!

Julie & Sarah getting creative over some mint tea at the Cinematheque!