Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SCARABEO - heading for the hills!

Is it just me, or are you also feeling like it is time to head for the hills and enjoy the silence?
I am longing for some serious time out that doesn't involve phones, laptops, picking up, dropping off .  . . .

Just looking at this view with its wide open spaces calms me down already. Its like some visual deep breathing.

And while I am not your average hard-core camper, THIS is camping I can relate to!

After all - what is camping without a little linen and a candelabra or two?

Images all from Morocco Portfolio
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Monday, 13 October 2014

monday moodboard - yellow

I thought I would step up the colour a little this week in an attempt to hang on to the last rays of the summer sunshine . . . 

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 the moodboard:

Adding a little extra to the moodboard this week - follow THIS link to make your own limoncello and bottle a bit of sunshine.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Berbari is a country house, maison d'hote, restaurant, retreat. . . nestled in a quiet corner of the Moroccan countryside, not far from the town of Assilah. It fits perfectly into its surroundings - so much so that the storks have made it their annual residence!

For me Berbari is about paths and doorways, interesting corners and quiet spaces.

The organic bamboo work as you come through the entrance is almost sculptural

Doorways entice you to open them and explore.

Moroccan-blue paths begged to be followed.

And at the end of a path is often a corner that you know is the perfect place to read your book while settling into a slower pace of life.

Decorative details are often in unexpected spaces,

while every bedroom is different, individual and inviting.

The salon looks out over the countryside - even if you are not staying overnight, phone ahead and make a reservation for lunch - we did and it was delicious!

A little vintage piano detail.

At the end of the day - the hammock calls! 

And as the sunsets over the Berbari . . . 

the evening light throws up shadows that add a little mystery to the tranquility.


Monday, 6 October 2014

monday morning moodboard - shades of pink

A subtle shift into colour this week on the moodboard front - so from last weeks shades of white I have ventured into pink, while attempting to avoid the saccharine side of the palette.

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And - as always - all together in a moodboard . . .

have a good week

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

the FACTORY in Assilah

Tucked away down one of the side alleys (there aren't that many alleys in Assilah, so not hard to find!!) is a relative newcomer to the medina - the FACTORY opened its doors in April this year and has become a welcome diversion to the usual medina fare, as owner and curator Guillaume makes it his business to source beautifully crafted items for his boutique. 
His aim being to provide both Moroccans and visitors from further afield with something unique in his collection of jewellery and homeware. Choose froma display of dazzling rings for your fingers, beautiful ceramics, or the array of  colourful pashminas, perfect for those sunset moments.

The collection includes statement jewellery from India.

And Milan

 As well as some work by contemporary Moroccan designers

The items are all beautifully presented and packaged,
 {and you know how i feel about good packaging}

The white spaces are punctuated by bursts of colour, a welcome relief from the sensory overload of the medina

These jewel coloured hammocks are on my wish list!
If any of these items are on your wish list contact Guillaume  here:

or better still . . . 

come to the medina and see for yourself!