Wednesday, 25 March 2015

a tiny jewell in the medina . . .

it was this beautiful vintage fish ornament that first drew my attention to this little shop in  Assilah

then one day I stepped inside and discovered a treasure trove of vintage beads and jewellery

from the minute you step through the beaded curtain over the doorway

you are surrounded by treasures

some old
some new
some a combination 

jewellery designer Mostafa uses this small space as a studio and a retail space,
 working and creating while you shop

this is where you will find it
that little blue door down a medina alleyway of Assilah
don't forget to look out for the fish on the door

I hope to have some of Mustaafas' vintage bead creations on shouf! soon 

 so pop across to have a look 


Friday, 20 March 2015

a moroccan beach house

I don't know about you - but I am starting to feel like summer is almost within my grasp . . .  Not quite but close!
And so I am thinking about long lazy summer days at the beach, and  one beach I would love to explore is the area around the lagoon of Oualidia, which is why a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this beach house - Maison El Manzar - which looks perfectly lovely to me!

sunshine, shadows and simplicity
I would happily hang my hat here for the summer and watch the sun set over the lagoon
what do you think?
any plans for the summer?

all images via

Monday, 9 March 2015

Places to stay in Tangiers

Over the past 18 months of blogging I have mentioned a few places in Tangiers that I have stayed at and would happily and wholeheartedly recommend.
I though it might be useful to put them all on one page for easy reference on one page for easy reference -  so here goes, in no particular order and with links to the original post for more information. . . 

and most recently

Can't wait to add to this list !
Any recommendations?
 Please feel free to contact me with any questions about these or other places to stay in Tangiers.

Monday, 2 March 2015

La Maison de Tanger

As you may know - I am currently living in Assilah - yes the blog is called tea-in-tangiers, I know
but that's just because I have a thing for alliteration, and it had a nice ring to it . . .  but if you look at the small print it does say its about Tangiers, Assilah, and the places in between!
Anyway - the point of that little introduction is to explain how I came to spend the night at this lovely place : La Maison de Tanger!

Having been invited to a little soiree one Friday evening in Tangiers, I thought I would spoil myself and stay somewhere nice overnight rather than driving back late.
We decided on La Maison for a few reasons - some practical (parking,central etc) and others just because it looked pretty!

And it didn't disappoint on any accounts.

It is a beautifully restored and gracious home nestling surprisingly close to the grand socco.
Take a right at the arches -  just before you hit the metal workers.
I know the word "oasis" gets used an awful lot when talking about places to stay in morocco,
but this really is an oasis in the middle of the urban chaos of Tangiers.

The images above all give you the "big picture" which is undeniably impressive
to me
its always the details that make the difference . . . 

and La Maison de Tanger is full of details like this that make your stay there just that little bit more special

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

shopping the blues . . .

There seems to be a whole lot of blue out there this week - or is it just my facebook feed??

image via : majorelle blues

I love following the creations of Australian jewellery designer Birdie Hill - she always uses beautiful and inspiring images - this was her contribution to the blues this week!

And then my friend Marianne added this blue note to the mix - one of her RedDog designs in this great colour - I might have to trade in my red for a blue!
and finally this morning I saw this blue boucherouite carpet which I decided I had to add to my collection on

so a blue week , but not in a bad way!
and ending in theme - a bit of Blue Velvet by Lana Del Rey.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shouf!{look!} - a giveaway!

I am unashamedly and unreservedly
asking for your help in turning my bright idea
into a reality.
Its all about footfall . . .  or so I am told!


I have been chatting about it quite a lot recently
so you might have visited already?

I would love more people to have a look at the collection of carpets and textiles
with this in mind I devised this simple
This beautiful necklace made up of scented soap (yes soap!) beads
created by L'Art du Bain,
 could be yours.

It couldn't be easier!
simply tweet, pin, share on facebook or any other social media platform
that floats your boat!
Straight from SHOUF into the social media network of your choice.
The more shares, the more chances you stand of being the lucky winner!
5 tweets = 5 slips of paper with your name of it in the hat!
etc etc . . . 

so remember
individual items on shouf must be tweeted, pinned and shared
 I will make sure to check there  and enter your name in the draw where ever I see it!
thanks for your support
and do keep an eye on the shop as I hope to extend our range as soon as possible
good luck

it would be great if you shared this post as well - and would MOST DEFINITELY count as an entry!

just go straight to the share tabs below

Friday, 6 February 2015

Casabarata Tangiers

La Casa Barata - translated directly simply means "the cheap house", which pretty much sums up this sprawling indoor-outdoor market place in Tangiers. It is a place to buy anything . . .  from a satellite  to a soap dish.
But I was interested in the salvedged and reclaimed building elements and furniture so spent most of my time looking at vintage metal work and old window frames.
These sun loungers were the first thing that caught my eye . . . but I passed them by thinking it was more important for me to get windows right now rather than things to lounge on - plenty of time for lounging later! 

So it was off to the building materials we went!

I ended up with a substantial amount of metal work for windows.
Now we just need to build the windows!

It was a little chilly walking around the market yesterday - so we finished up at a tiny stall selling
Bessara - a fava bean soup that is typically eaten for breakfast here but perfect at any time of the day to warm and fill you up.

While writing this post I searched for a recipe for the soup - and found one, along with some lovely images of Tangiers on this food blog by Jenny Chandler.