Friday, 12 February 2016

harissa round-up

I thought I would end the week up on a slightly heated note
with some ideas and links of what to do with that jar of harissa sitting on your shelf!

Yesterday I posted a link on my facebook page for this recipe
 for HARISSA SWEET POTATO LATKES which I am planning to try this weekend.
I just love the look of the flavour combinations in this recipe!

images and recipe via The Bojon Gourmet

 Ottolenghi recipes are a favourite in our house with the cookbook Jerusalem being well used and with many an olive oil splatter marking the pages - I found this recipe for CHICKEN MEATBALLS WITH PRESERVED LEMON AND HARISSA RELISH online and decided to try it because I am also more than a little partial to the combination of chicken and preserved lemons.

images and recipe via Ottolenghi

Jamie Oliver does quite a few recipes using harissa as a side condiment or as a seasoning. 
 This recipe for SQUID WITH HARISSA MAYO is a great summer time snack 
 that  reminds me of sunshine &  holidays
- a nice glass of  cold wine after a hot day at the beach kind of meal!

images and recipe via JamieOliver

Another blog I follw and have shared on my facebook page  My Moroccan Food where london based blogger Nargisse shares her take on  Moroccan flavours - and these Ras el hanout and harissa hassleback baby potatoes have become another family favourite.

images and recipe via My Moroccan Food

And of course dont forget our own rendition of HARISSA BAKED AUBERGINEdelicious with some thick greek yoghurt now all you need is your harissa . . .
so come and see me at BATH ARTISAN MARKET on sunday
or go online to SHOUF! to get your jar and start cooking!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

5 things about Tangiers

By Laura and Dario of Atelier des Italiens:

I have in the past shared some of the wonderfully creative images from Atelier des Italiens, and in fact some of their work is hanging on my wall, so it made sense to ask them where they like to spend spare time in their home town Tangiers.


As many expats we are fascinated by the artistic and literature heritage of Tangier : in the past, Petit Socco was the most notorious crossroads of Tangier and favourite places of writers, artists and adventurers. Although today Petit Socco is lost most of it old appeal, but this beautiful square remains always a nice spot for enjoy the local colour and have a mint tea at Cafe Tingis. We love start from here to venture in old Medina alleys and its wonders.


Near the Berber Marker and right at the base of Hotel de France, going through a little gate can be accessed in a magic place. Here is located an English Church surrounded by a graveyard- well groomed garden oasis. We love sit here under a shady tree and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the place. 


A mint tea at historical Café Hafa is a pleasant habit for us. Here does the best mint tea of the city, we love sit here tasting the tea and admiring the landscape on the strait. A good place for people-watching, meeting and meditation.


 Darna’s friday couscous is an institution for Tangier’s expat community. We love the sunny courtyard of the restaurant and its old-style atmosphere. Darna is a woman no-profit community and  also offer nice local handicraft and clothings.


Not so far from the city, below Cap Spartel. the Achakar beach on Atlantic Ocean is our favourite spot in summertime. The beach is clean and set in beautiful nature.  In a mild winter like this, the beach is a great place for a refreshing walk.

click on the links below to see more of their creations and online shop

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

a boucherouite & a helping hand

The Boucherouite carpets, traditionally made from scraps of fabric by the resourceful women of Morocco, have been on trend and featured in magazine shoots and Pinterest boards for some time now.

And at the risk of sounding a little cliched, 
they are, in my opinion, the perfect element to add a colourful note of "boho-chic" to a contemporary home far away from the Atlas mountains.
 I have sent personally sourced rugs from the medina of Assilah to America, South Africa and England where they sit prettily in their foreign surrounds.

image via 

With this in mind I thought I would try a little boucherouite designing myself in collaboration with Darna Womens Community Centre in Tangier which provides both a safe harbour and a training centre for women and girls in the community. 

And this is what we came up with . . .

A taupe, chartreuse and chocolate boucherouite which is beautifully woven and is as pretty underneath as it is on top - traditionally sides were changed according to the season.

This Boucherouite is now on sale in my shop SHOUF! and can be proudly labelled FairTrade!

10% of Boucherouite sales will go straight back to Darna and their training programme.

more information and images of Boucherouite carpets can be found HERE and HERE


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Harissa #1

Since we have been selling our secret recipe Harissa on SHOUF! I have been asked on more than a few occasions for ideas and recipes on how to use it   . . . well, I use it it on pretty much everything as it sits quite comfortably on the table next to the salt and pepper (and believe me , this is not a sales pitch!)


that being said

we saw the new year in in time-honoured tradition

with good friends

and of course 

good food

and this aubergine played a key role!

a little scoring, salt and olive oil

a generous amount of harissa

a very hot fire


 and . . . voila


delicious - smokey, aromatic . . .

 {apologies for the photographs but a celebratory amount of champagne was consumed in the process}

HAPPY 2016 


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Available Light

There are many things I love about Assilah;
I know it is small and sleepy seaside village most of the year 
- and actually that is precisely one of the reasons I love it! -
but another reason is the people I have met and friends I have made there.
Some are ordinary like me
while others have led a life a little less ordinary,
like photographer Andrew Maclear
whose medina house I have mentioned before - here.
However this little clip below shows what he was up to in the late 60's
I enjoyed watching it, so I thought you might to . . .!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My five favourite things in Tangiers

Anette knows Tangiers like the back of her hand, so I knew I could depend on her to show us a few places in Tangiers that are a little off the beaten track. 
Her time spent sourcing textiles and getting homeware made up for her company Just Morocco, has taken her deep into the medina as well as out into the alleys and corner shops - I would love to spend some time with her in Tangiers as my personal guide!
In the meantime  . . . 
this list will have to do.

#1 Msallah market:

 I love strolling down Msallah market in the evening with its abundance of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cakes, clothes – all in a totally chaotic mix. I was there yesterday buying veggies and came home with way too much so I later have to give most of it away to my neighbor when I leave. I just can't resist it!

#2 Place Seqaya
Such a lively small square in the middle of the medina with a great Thursday market. I especially like the small no-name café run by the most generous and warmhearted family. It is a perfect place to meet odd and interesting characters and ideal for people-watching.

#3:Lively food street
I do not really know the name of this street, but it is my favourite lunch street. There is a small hole-in-the-wall place that serves the best bessara tagine in Tangier and another one has really delicious kebabs with fresh salad. I could go on forever....

In my opinion the best patisserie is at the lower entrance to the medina. It is always crowded and they are constantly carrying in new calory-filled cakes. They also have the best, (and I am not the only one who thinks so), lemon cake this side of the Mediterranean.

#5:Terrace cafe Souk Barra
With a big piece of lemon cake, my feet take me automatically to the terrace cafe at Souk Barra. Best place for a lazy afternoon, good tea and strong coffee.

 And when she's not in Tangiers you can find Anette HERE exploring the markets and souks in the south. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Design inspiration

OK so this house is not in Tangiers,
in fact its not even in Morocco, 
but it could be . . .

When I saw it on Pinterest I was immediately drawn to it and started the process of pinterest sleuth- work (as one does) to discover its whereabouts.

Its in Mexico!
And, even better, if you have mexican holiday aspirations, it can also be found on Airbnb.

I think it is the overwhelming simplicity of design that draws me to this house,
and the way it sits so comfortably in its environment.

And yes
I know,

it would only be a matter of hours, if not minutes,
before I started slinging some carpets onto that concrete floor,
or adding some brash cushions into the mix,

but it has nevertheless been placed firmly into my file for inspirational elements and ideas.

What do you think Casa Tiny?

(and yes, that really is its name!) 

images via airbnb, miluccia and pinterest